Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still on the Journey

I hope you weren't worried about me... I'm still on the journey! I've been very busy! We celebrated my daughter, Samantha's, graduation from Iona... and her new job! It was fun helping her shop for her new wardrobe; I'm just hoping I can get her to pay the credit card bills now. I fear that paying for her Chevy Avalanche, that she bought to replace the one that she did a double-flip in, may come first! Oh, the first truck didn't survive... but Sam walked away, only a little bruised. Amazing. (I was in shock for a week.) Anyway... I've been working, painting, taking classes and setting up my studio space. I even had a chance to spend a great afternoon with my aunt and uncle in Brooklyn. Angela is not continuing her art studio lease... and so, allowed me to take a few things for my own space. Already, a wonderful table that Carl made, is put is place, and waiting for me to paint on it! (Maybe I'll "hand it back" to one of their six grandchildren, some day!) ...still to come on my journey... a trip to Florida, painting again, with Jeanne, when I return......... and some exciting news from the Studio in New Rochelle! (And I promise to finish, and post paintings soon!)

Thank You, to Katie, for pushing me to BLOG today!

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