Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Rochelle ArtsFest 2013

 It's that time again!!! 
ArtsFest is happening next weekend!!
 Saturday - September 28th and Sunday - September 29th, from 12:30 to 5 PM. 
 Studio #302 at 81 Centre Avenue, New Rochelle, NY
Come 'talk Art' and pick up a Schedule and Map...
...Check it out ahead of time on the web-site...
Ah, such a calm view I now have to chase away my stress!!  Do you have any of that?  It seems like I am always balancing all there is to do, and when I take time to relax, I feel guilty about everything I'm not getting done!  You, too? ...Permission to Be Calm is granted; especially during ArtsFest!! I hope to see you there.... please Do join me on this journey!  -Faith

Monday, August 19, 2013

My New View - The Hudson River

"My Hudson River View1" (first painting in new home) by Faith Goldstein
approx. 15 x 20, oil on watercolor paper
A new view and a new home in a new place, along portions of roadways I had never traveled; there is a great deal to get used to!  I am adding layers to the 'under-painting' of my life and building up to what I need to see in myself and show to others. This transition has not been easy... the success of it depends on the strength of that under-painting and is a culmination of years of experience and life-lessons. New lessons-learned and new relationships add to 'the marks' that become a part of me; not all meant to be visible in that top layer, but remain, always. 
...I am quickly sorting through the things that have moved with me, and have given fair respect to the things that were given away or tossed in a dumpster.  I choose to think that even those items might be rediscovered by someone else's hands, and maybe even their heart.  ...Today I am feeling grateful for the strength within me, to give myself permission to 'accept the things I could not change', and to allow the voices of those who care about me to resonate and echo, and become my point-of-focus.  And, yes, I have a beautiful new view to appreciate on this journey.  -Faith
Upcoming OPEN STUDIO Event...
Please come visit me at 81 Centre Ave., New Rochelle, New York 10801....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Rochelle OPEN STUDIOS & grand market - JUNE 29

Please come out and experience the excitement of this thriving Downtown Artist Community that I love so much!  Reverol & Co. Contemporary Art and Backstreet Galleries, Open Artist Studios, PAC House Theatre (hosting an open dance rehearsal),  R Patisserie Cafe.... grand market on the Library Green... You will LOVE The Curtain Shop on Main Street!  ....Great restaurants and so much more.   (Spend the day with the artists and catch a movie at New Roc City in the evening!  You won't be bored here!)

I will be in my shared-studio with my 'mates' at 81 Centre Avenue # 302 (third floor w/ elevator)....
Park in the Prospect Street Lot and walk up Centre Avenue towards Main Street.  Cross over near the SUBWAY; STUDIO ENTRANCE is just down on the Left... elevator is down the hall.  ...ART, WINE & COOKIES... and lots of 'HAPPY" here!!  Please Join ME on this Journey.  -Faith

Remember this guy?  Well, he's still looking at you.... re-gaining his wings; and taking me along for the flight! (Will YOU come, too???) ...and he has a new name. 

 "Free-Bird" by Faith Goldstein

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Open Studio - Block of Arts Crawl - Saturday, April 20

 That's me, Faith Goldstein,  in my shared Studio,
81 Centre Avenue, Studio #302 in New Rochelle, New York
I'll take part in this event from NOON to 6PM

The community surrounding my studio was a-Buzz with activity, recently, when artists, restaurants and businesses cautiously entered into a New Pact..... to give the people of New Rochelle a reason to venture into the city center to "Take a Walk Around the Block."  Connecting the Arts and businesses in cooperative networking and sharing, it was a satisfying 'first-day' that included Open Artists Studios and discounts for local businesses and restaurants. 

PLEASE Join me on Saturday, April 20, for the next Block of Arts & Businesses Crawl... the word is out, and the excitement is building; more venues will be included in this day and in the future.  Please Come, and be a part of the LOVE that IS this city and the People of New Rochelle!  

 ....The studio is an easy place for me to 'just Be myself'.... I think that's true, also, for all visitors who enter!  What an escape from everyday life, to meet people who are so kind and caring, and full of passion for the Arts.  My door is Open... I am so grateful for all who walk through, allowing me to share my paintings as we share stories and difficulties of this Journey called Life!  (.... the Little Gull, above?  I think he's still 'In-Progress'; but aren't we all, on this journey? :))

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Art Show paintings

"Enter The Artist's Lounge" (24 x 30, acrylic painting) is an exploration of the figure and the space it occupies.  It is about the emotional and physical experience of entering a room and becoming a part of it, or existing on its outer edge.  Words, both spoken and unspoken are represented in the marks that form the figures.  Confidence, fear and apprehension are all present here.  Some brushwork is applied with strength and clarity, some forced to mix with the background... and some not 'present' at all.  As the viewer, do you desire to enter this room and join the conversation?  (...or do you occupy the space just outside the scene, and save the image to use another day?)               -Faith Goldstein


These paintings are part of a series entitled the 'Art Show'.  Time, and especially the last few years seem to have slipped away from me.  But today and always, I am appreciative of what remains in my Life.... this series was painted and was on view during this time period. 
...At times, my camera has been my steady companion; more calming than a glass of wine, providing access and 'a reason 'to Be' in 'a space,' an art show, a gathering of people.  For someone who often feels alone in a crowded room, it is truly a gift to record those seconds of activity and to be able to bring them forward so that they may be enjoyed for the length of the Journey ahead.   For this, I am truly grateful.  -Faith

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Are you Still Looking at Me??

I truly hope so!  I know I must be trying your patience!  ...Afterall, what is an art Blog supposed to look like without new work posted?  Well, this is my Real World being shared here; without too much attention given to my real-life difficulties.  (I'm not one to focus, too long, on negativity.)  I usually am able to see the positive messages in my experiences, even when that is a challenge to do!  I let time pass... I keep moving forward... and I don't ignore the 'good' things that are out in the world everyday for me to notice.  Before you know it, life really does move on to a different place.  Maybe it's a balance between what is actually happening and a revised perspective... a new way to view (some of) the same old stuff, because, surely, much of that 'stuff' comes forward, with us!  When life is a struggle, my advice is to keep your sense of humor in tact, appreciate what is positive, don't dwell too long on what is neagative, do your best at maintaining connections with people you care about, and be willing and able to 'get out of your box' and into a new one!  ....Try out new experiences and always 'keep' the things that make you 'who you are'.  I am "Calm, Honest, Spiritual and Resilient" .... and 'packing' these things in my luggage for the next Journey.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is It Too Late To Say "HAPPY New Year?"

I hope not!  It is been a rough year for me... Can you tell, by my lack of 'updates' here?  It has been a year of 'holding my breath', and allowing each day to pass by as peacefully as possible.  Life has been like walking through a tunnel.... slow and quiet, hands by my sides; not wanting to shake what is already fragile.  I am almost nearing the end of this Journey, with some things lost and some things kept.... and the hope of many more 'things' to be learned and experienced, in my future!  It will begin in the next few months, with a new place to call 'home', and all the excitement that That brings!  I can honestly say that I am finally seeing that 'painting' in my head, a vision of my future... and I know that life will continue in a different way; and I will be HAPPY.
  ...THANKS, for keeping me strong and 'on-track.'  I am grateful that you checked-in on me.  Wishing you all, a very Happy New Year!