Saturday, January 30, 2010

"The Gift" - In Progress

"The Gift" - in progress (oil) (Faith Goldstein)
I'm painting this from a photo of my girls when they were small. They were sitting on a friend's step, just about to go in the house to attend her birthday party. It is such a great memory, and one I'm so glad to be painting. ...I've been thinking about how the events in our memories are so very much linked to the people we share them with. ...That a memory is just that much clearer, and happier, because of who you spent time with; attending a special event or having visited some place new. ...This painting will have both my girls in it. I am grateful to have them in my memories, and on my Journey.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knickerbocker Ice Festival

This morning, I boxed up my paintings, dressed in warm layers, and went over to spend the day with the other AiP artists at Rockland Lake State Park. It was a chilly, but sunny day... enjoyed by a lot of people! I went on a morning walk; taking photos while enjoying the beauty of this park.
The journey today, held many lessons... enjoy the scenery ahead, trust the path in front of you (even if it is different from the one you're used to walking)... and, at least on this day, some people just can't keep their hands out of the wet paint!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rockland Lake State Park - Landscape

"Winter Path at Rockland Lake State Park" 9x12 oil
By Faith Goldstein fine art

This is my second small painting for the Knickerbocker Ice Festival, this week-end. I really had fun, and enjoyed working out the challenges that it presented. I'll look forward to painting more small 'scapes' in the future, to continue learning on this journey! (Cold outside, cold in my studio ... I hope you see warmth in my marks!)

Check out the festival information at

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rockland Lake State Park - New York

"Picnic Table" (Winter at Rockland Lake State Park)
9x12 oil - By Faith Goldstein fine art

I am participating in an "Artists in the Parks" event, this week-end, at Rockland Lake State Park. It is called the Knickerbocker Ice Festival. AiP will have a tent set up with paintings and photographs available for purchase, and a silent auction will be held on Sunday, the 24th, with a percentage going to benefit the Parks Conservancy. If you are in the area, please come out and support this event!

Landscapes are quite a challenge, for me, to paint. It is overwhelming to 'fool the eye' into thinking such a vast space exists on a small canvas! I drove out to paint in Don's studio on Saturday morning, to begin one of these landscapes. When I started it, I was terrified that I just could not do it... but after working a bit, I then became terrified because some of the marks seemed right! I welcome the day (and pray for it!), when my confidence will guide me through, without this panic. .........The cold winter landscape echoes my mood, and my life right now; I'll appreciate the warmth of a new season!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Citifield Paintings Series

"GAME FACE" (16" x 20" oil) by Faith Goldstein fine Art
Happy New Year....... a new year and a new direction in my paintings. Or is it an old, familiar style, done in oil paints instead of acrylics? (...Something I wasn't sure I could accomplish.) Time will tell, but I am excited to share the first in a series of paintings based on photos I shot at the new Citifield, located in Queens, New York. Home to the Mets, I mostly took interest in the action of the people in the stands- the fans and the vendors, and used the field as the backdrop to elicit the excitement and the memories of being in the stadium!