Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Knickerbocker Lofts - New Rochelle

"Bocker Lofts" 24 x 30 acrylic by Faith Goldstein

Way back in June, I attended the private party for The Knickerbocker Art Show 2010, that was held in New Rochelle, New York. Now, (I'm quite sure), I am not known as a "party girl", but even I knew that this was a party not to be missed! I bravely stepped out of my box, and called to see if I could be added to the guest list. (Thank you, John Reverol, who produced this show, for your kindness, always!) With camera in hand, I ventured on my own to The Knickerbocker Lofts building, which, for this week-end only, was transformed into the most incredible multi-gallery artspace and celebration of contemporary art, that I had ever seen. All available public spaces and artists lofts, showcased cutting edge works in paint, photography, video and three-dimensional objects d'art. .....I mentioned that I ventured on my own, but once there, found myself to be connected... to the people in the arts community, that I am actively getting to know, and with artists in participation. I left this week-end, with many photo-images, many memories, and the anticipation of the next Big Art Show; which, in New Rochelle, can be happening on almost any given weekend!

I also left The Knickerbocker Art Show, with the confirmation of knowing that my heart truly does lie in the arts... and in the marks of the painting above!

(Truly grateful to have company on this journey.)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nyack Beach State Park

Nyack Beach State Park (16 x 20 - oil) by Faith Goldstein

"Artists in the Parks at Hook Mountain" will be taking place this Saturday, 9am - 4pm at Nyack Beach State Park in Rockland County, New York. I took some time to explore this beautiful setting a couple of weeks ago... this park is comprised of several miles of a walking path along the Hudson River... truly, so peaceful! For more information about AiP and this Art Exhibit, please check out the web-site.... ...and go to the GALLERY link, click on the Nov.6th photo gallery, to check out all the beautiful paintings that will be part of this show, with silent bidding all day. I'm excited to share that my paintings are posted, as well!! (Page 7, last I've checked.) ...If you'd like to venture out on this journey, but don't know the area, just set your GPS for "Nyack Beach State Park"; also... The Palisades Mall is close by!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Support the ARTS, Today!

Open Studio - Artsfest visitor, (sweet) Paula
My young visitor, Josh and his sister, Rachel...
This is what Josh wrote in my guestbook...
"Your art is very realistic and colorful. It looks real
but at the same time vivid and surreal
and I admire your use of photos...Josh" (Wow!!!!!)

In a recent FACEBOOK status update, I requested that my family and friends 'do something to support the arts, today'... the truth is we need your support everyday... we do most of our jobs behind the scenes, in quiet studios and galleries, at kitchen tables and computer workstations. Fine artists, arts producers and promoters, musicians, photographers and videographers; we all spend hours preparing to share what we love... (WHAT we are, WHO we are inside), with the people in our communities (including our friends and families on Facebook!) We do this because we need to... and in the hopes that we get to share and touch something inside of those who do come out to see what's happening. Please, join the conversation... see the art, the play, enjoy the music, have a cookie and a drink with us... and maybe... just maybe... take something home to share with your own friends and family (on Facebook... or not!)

Many thanks to my visitors in my studio, who enjoyed the arts in New Rochelle, for the first day of ArtsFest2010. ...To Jerry, and Deborah (who loves art) and her family, to 'yoga friends', Gabrielle and Caroline, to Josh, Rachel and their dad, to Chris - who came in quietly and commented in my book, "lovely work, lovely space", to Shari - my new blog follower!... to Corey and Janna - who looked for 'color', and found it in a landscape they had to take home with them! (I'm so glad "Three Trees - Green Cay" will be on view in your home!!) ...Thanks, also, to young folks, Lauren and Nick, who quietly passed by my studio, when I implored them to come in - and they did! ...To Barry and Sarah, who is new to New Rochelle - seek out the arts community; there really is a lot going on here! Thanks to the very young Paula and her dad, James - great to meet a fellow artist, and also get a super recommendation to eat at Cholo's restaurant in New Ro! ...To Melanie - a commission? I'd love to give it a try... honored you asked! To Stuart and daughters, and to Donald - please help spread the word that ARTISTS have much to share, in New Rochelle... and a special thanks to my last visitors, (artist) Arles Buchman and her daughter, Diane. What a pleasure and honor - thank you for leaving me with the article on your art and life - and for 'seeing' in me, someone who would treasure our time spent, as precious.

(It truly was a precious journey today!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Self Portrait

"Tough Girl" (20 x 20 acrylic) by Faith Goldstein fine art


It's been too many years to count, since I've attempted a self-portrait... in college, I used prismacolor pencils to draw several that I termed "auto-biographical"...which in my mind, left me with an 'out' if they didn't look exactly like me! With the unexpected, real-life detours that my life is taking now, I had the thought to try it again... maybe just to remind myself that I am still here. .........The photograph was taken on a very short trip with my daughter to a familiar place we've visited before. I never really settled in to 'vacation mode'... and hadn't yet put the requisite smile on my face for the photograph. We only were able to stay over for one night and hadn't even ventured into bathing suits and the beautiful pool. With just an hour before check-out time, I suggested that we go down and atleast put our feet in the little kids play pool. Both the sun and the water felt great. I wanted a few pictures to remember this brief escape into fun (and, someone else's life). ......When I saw the photo, I loved it... I look serious for all that is a part of my current journey.... but, I thought also.... "Tough Girl in the Kiddie Pool" would be a fitting title. So that was my working title, while painting the portrait, except, with the word "Detail-" in front of it, to mean that it is... I am... a part of something much bigger than what you see; in the painting and on this Journey.

Friday, July 23, 2010

"Altered View" by Faith Goldstein

"Altered View" (16x20 oil) by Faith Goldstein

I started this painting a few weeks ago and became frustrated with it simply being a "pretty picture". I occasionally find myself looking at some paintings where that is my first thought, and although the work may be rendered well, it may not hold interest for the viewer beyond that acknowledgment. Although, normally, I would be pleased to create "pretty pictures", I have been searching for something more within myself to bring to the canvas. I am trying to push my marks, experiment with applying paint with alternative methods... and in this painting the placement of the linear separation between the sky and greenery, was a thought I just could not get out of my mind. ........The resulting view is altered, segmented, changed... detoured; but hopefully, still a pretty (enough?) picture.

Thank you for stopping by on your Journey. -Faith

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dave Matthews Band concert poster

Last night, my daughter asked me to paint her a poster to take to the third DMB concert that she is attending this week! Whew! Now, that alone, sounds exhausting to me; but she is a true "warehouser"! .........So, with a reluctant beginning, (as I wanted to start a different painting), I asked her to get the poster board and bring up some photos, to choose from.... and before I knew it, I was having fun with this :) .........It also inspired me to paint in acrylics today; so I will have a new painting to post soon! I hope you enjoy this detour from my usual journey. (I think there may be more "detours" in my future... please stay tuned!)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Citifield BUD" by Faith Goldstein fine art

"Citifield BUD" (14" x 18" oil) by Faith Goldstein fine art
Wow! Where have the weeks gone? It's been quite a while since you've heard from me! Have you ever experienced a time in your life when the days just passed by and you felt to be a less-than-active-participant in the experience? lol! My mantra, lately, is to " just keep moving"... (forward?... now where else can I possibly move?!) Truth is, I have been keeping busy... finishing up the school year (work), painting, joining the art associations where my studio is located (New Rochelle, New York), attending Art Shows and events, and generally being open to new experiences and meeting new people. These things have been positive and worthwhile, and will continue to be a part of my new journey.
The painting above is just the second, in the Citifield Series, to be completed. I have 3 others waiting for more paint... and the "right" mood and focus, from this painter, to be called DONE! I am excited about the marks I am making, and although they seem more expressive to me, visitors to my studio tell me they see unity and cohesiveness to my body of work. All I can share, is that I learn something new... with every painting... and from viewing the (amazing) work of other artists... and from every day that I decide to put myself out into the world, and to not hide 'under the covers'.... So much more to come, on this Journey. Thanks for checking in with me! -Faith

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Artists in the Parks - Hessian Lake (Fall)

"Memory of the FALL" (11x14 oil) by Faith Goldstein fine art

I truly enjoyed working on another landscape of Hessian Lake, Bear Mountain. This image is from the Fall, and was painted for a juried entry in an upcoming Art Show for the Palisades Park Commission. I'll know by the end of the month, if it is accepted. But with only 16 works in this show.... I'll not hold my breath on this Journey!

(I'm glad I didn't stress out on this one... and that I still have breath left to continue on this journey! ........Thanks for checking in on me. -Faith)

Friday, May 7, 2010

(MY!) Oil Paintings at Lola's Tea House!

I am so happy to share with you that six of my oil paintings have been "hanging out" for several weeks now, on the walls of Lola's Tea House in Pelham, New York! Check out Lola's on-line at to be enticed by their wonderful menu and special events... and enjoy the art on the walls while you are sipping your tea (hot or iced!) And please do let Leslie, the proprietor of Lola's, know if you are interested in purchasing an original oil painting to hang in your own home. (Lola's Tea House 130 Fifth Avenue, Pelham, New York 914-738-2100)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Piece of My Childhood

"Between Two Brothers" (8x10 oil) By Faith Goldstein
It was good to finally spend an extended amount of time in the studio; and having it to myself all day, took away any pressure I felt to actually paint something! After mostly staring out the window, and then a couple of failed attempts to paint well (or well enough!), I looked in my photo file and found comfort in some old photos. Mitch looks happy to be celebrating his BIRTHDAY, which is today... and Bruce seems almost sorry for all the trouble he caused!
It felt good to be painting again, though I'm a little shaky, a little rusty... it's good to have a place to belong! ...And speaking of the studio, it's time to start paying rent on the second year! Time, like a great blowing wind, seems to go by too quickly, lately... I'll be holding tightly to what is trusted and true, to avoid being blown (too far!) off balance!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lake Ontario

I decided it was time for a real journey, this past weekend. I headed out after work on Friday, towards Syracuse, New York; with a stop along the way, at the wonderful Arkell Museum, in Canajoharie, in the Mohawk River Valley of Central New York. After a restful night at the Marriot, my final destination was another 40 minutes north, to visit with my amazing daughter, who is attending college in Oswego. She gave me a tour of her "home-away-from-home" in the Theatre Department in Tyler Hall. It was fun seeing where I used to take drawing classes many years ago, and all the places I never knew about - that are now a part of her life. We spent the day and that night together.......until my journey continued home by train, so that she would have her car again (long story!). Well, the train was delayed, and very long; but good things outweighed the negatives and I feel refreshed... and even have some new images to inspire new paintings!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"The Gift" (A portrait of two sisters)

"The Gift" 18x24 oil by Faith Goldstein
I LOVE this painting... and the time I got to spend with my very little girls, (who are now grown), while painting it! ...It was not accepted into a juried show, but I am happy to have painted it, just the same. It is a favorite memory, from a most beloved time in my life, as the mom of two little girls! (They are truly a gift in my life!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gift

detail of "The Gift" (18x24 - oil) by Faith Goldstein fine art
I scrambled to finish this painting, that required more work, before I could submit it to a juried show. OK... I'm being calm here... it is my first entry into a show since I began painting again just one year ago! ...In this painting, both my girls are holding Birthday gifts; but, of course, the real gift is that they have each other.

It's been a rough week, that included a day spent in the hospital emergency room... and the news of needing surgery, on Wednesday! ...But there will be no whining here; I'll trust the care of others (doctors and nurses).... and accept the opportunity to calm, both , my body and my mind. I know in the end, all will be OK, and it will be just another part of this Journey.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"The Gift" - In Progress

"The Gift" - in progress (oil) (Faith Goldstein)
I'm painting this from a photo of my girls when they were small. They were sitting on a friend's step, just about to go in the house to attend her birthday party. It is such a great memory, and one I'm so glad to be painting. ...I've been thinking about how the events in our memories are so very much linked to the people we share them with. ...That a memory is just that much clearer, and happier, because of who you spent time with; attending a special event or having visited some place new. ...This painting will have both my girls in it. I am grateful to have them in my memories, and on my Journey.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Knickerbocker Ice Festival

This morning, I boxed up my paintings, dressed in warm layers, and went over to spend the day with the other AiP artists at Rockland Lake State Park. It was a chilly, but sunny day... enjoyed by a lot of people! I went on a morning walk; taking photos while enjoying the beauty of this park.
The journey today, held many lessons... enjoy the scenery ahead, trust the path in front of you (even if it is different from the one you're used to walking)... and, at least on this day, some people just can't keep their hands out of the wet paint!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rockland Lake State Park - Landscape

"Winter Path at Rockland Lake State Park" 9x12 oil
By Faith Goldstein fine art

This is my second small painting for the Knickerbocker Ice Festival, this week-end. I really had fun, and enjoyed working out the challenges that it presented. I'll look forward to painting more small 'scapes' in the future, to continue learning on this journey! (Cold outside, cold in my studio ... I hope you see warmth in my marks!)

Check out the festival information at

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rockland Lake State Park - New York

"Picnic Table" (Winter at Rockland Lake State Park)
9x12 oil - By Faith Goldstein fine art

I am participating in an "Artists in the Parks" event, this week-end, at Rockland Lake State Park. It is called the Knickerbocker Ice Festival. AiP will have a tent set up with paintings and photographs available for purchase, and a silent auction will be held on Sunday, the 24th, with a percentage going to benefit the Parks Conservancy. If you are in the area, please come out and support this event!

Landscapes are quite a challenge, for me, to paint. It is overwhelming to 'fool the eye' into thinking such a vast space exists on a small canvas! I drove out to paint in Don's studio on Saturday morning, to begin one of these landscapes. When I started it, I was terrified that I just could not do it... but after working a bit, I then became terrified because some of the marks seemed right! I welcome the day (and pray for it!), when my confidence will guide me through, without this panic. .........The cold winter landscape echoes my mood, and my life right now; I'll appreciate the warmth of a new season!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Citifield Paintings Series

"GAME FACE" (16" x 20" oil) by Faith Goldstein fine Art
Happy New Year....... a new year and a new direction in my paintings. Or is it an old, familiar style, done in oil paints instead of acrylics? (...Something I wasn't sure I could accomplish.) Time will tell, but I am excited to share the first in a series of paintings based on photos I shot at the new Citifield, located in Queens, New York. Home to the Mets, I mostly took interest in the action of the people in the stands- the fans and the vendors, and used the field as the backdrop to elicit the excitement and the memories of being in the stadium!