Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Barn at Hilltop Hanover Farm"

"Barn at Hilltop Hanover Farm" by Faith Goldstein (11"x14"), oil

I just couldn't call this painting finished... until now! There are so many lessons to learn in painting the landscape; I realized I missed a few that helped me to see this as a more complete scene. My "thanks" go to my daughter, Katie, for shooting a few reference photos of me painting plein-air, which included more of the landscape than I initially thought to include in my painting. "Thank you", also, to my on-line mentors, who guide me daily on this journey. (And a special "thanks" to Laurel Daniel for taking the time to respond to a recent e-mail I sent her! Check her out at )

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  1. Hi there Faith,

    My name is Stephanie. I am commenting to inquire permission that I may include this painting on one of my blogposts. The painting is credited to you and linked to this blogspot.

    Your work fills me with joy to admire and I so felt compelled to share if you so don't mind.

    Be well,