Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Blast from MY PAST

Spring Hat (acrylic) by Faith Goldstein Fine Art

In The Park (acrylic) by Faith Goldstein Fine Art
I wanted to share with you, a "blast from my past" today. These are 2 of the very first paintings I had ever done. If you visited with me in my studio, you may have seen my portfolio which includes photos of several of these acrylic paintings. They were painted, many years ago, under the tutelage of Don Keene; who continues to be a guiding influence in my life. Yesterday morning, I took the drive out to Madison CT, to paint with Don's Saturday morning class, in his studio. We talked first about my desire to create these same marks in oils; and my struggle to think it was possible to do. After a few minutes, I left all 'doubt' behind, and took the next step on my Journey! (Please stay tuned!) (Thanks, also, to Gina, for telling me it can be done!)
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