Friday, February 5, 2010

The Gift

detail of "The Gift" (18x24 - oil) by Faith Goldstein fine art
I scrambled to finish this painting, that required more work, before I could submit it to a juried show. OK... I'm being calm here... it is my first entry into a show since I began painting again just one year ago! ...In this painting, both my girls are holding Birthday gifts; but, of course, the real gift is that they have each other.

It's been a rough week, that included a day spent in the hospital emergency room... and the news of needing surgery, on Wednesday! ...But there will be no whining here; I'll trust the care of others (doctors and nurses).... and accept the opportunity to calm, both , my body and my mind. I know in the end, all will be OK, and it will be just another part of this Journey.

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