Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Piece of My Childhood

"Between Two Brothers" (8x10 oil) By Faith Goldstein
It was good to finally spend an extended amount of time in the studio; and having it to myself all day, took away any pressure I felt to actually paint something! After mostly staring out the window, and then a couple of failed attempts to paint well (or well enough!), I looked in my photo file and found comfort in some old photos. Mitch looks happy to be celebrating his BIRTHDAY, which is today... and Bruce seems almost sorry for all the trouble he caused!
It felt good to be painting again, though I'm a little shaky, a little rusty... it's good to have a place to belong! ...And speaking of the studio, it's time to start paying rent on the second year! Time, like a great blowing wind, seems to go by too quickly, lately... I'll be holding tightly to what is trusted and true, to avoid being blown (too far!) off balance!

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