Friday, July 23, 2010

"Altered View" by Faith Goldstein

"Altered View" (16x20 oil) by Faith Goldstein

I started this painting a few weeks ago and became frustrated with it simply being a "pretty picture". I occasionally find myself looking at some paintings where that is my first thought, and although the work may be rendered well, it may not hold interest for the viewer beyond that acknowledgment. Although, normally, I would be pleased to create "pretty pictures", I have been searching for something more within myself to bring to the canvas. I am trying to push my marks, experiment with applying paint with alternative methods... and in this painting the placement of the linear separation between the sky and greenery, was a thought I just could not get out of my mind. ........The resulting view is altered, segmented, changed... detoured; but hopefully, still a pretty (enough?) picture.

Thank you for stopping by on your Journey. -Faith

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