Sunday, October 3, 2010

Support the ARTS, Today!

Open Studio - Artsfest visitor, (sweet) Paula
My young visitor, Josh and his sister, Rachel...
This is what Josh wrote in my guestbook...
"Your art is very realistic and colorful. It looks real
but at the same time vivid and surreal
and I admire your use of photos...Josh" (Wow!!!!!)

In a recent FACEBOOK status update, I requested that my family and friends 'do something to support the arts, today'... the truth is we need your support everyday... we do most of our jobs behind the scenes, in quiet studios and galleries, at kitchen tables and computer workstations. Fine artists, arts producers and promoters, musicians, photographers and videographers; we all spend hours preparing to share what we love... (WHAT we are, WHO we are inside), with the people in our communities (including our friends and families on Facebook!) We do this because we need to... and in the hopes that we get to share and touch something inside of those who do come out to see what's happening. Please, join the conversation... see the art, the play, enjoy the music, have a cookie and a drink with us... and maybe... just maybe... take something home to share with your own friends and family (on Facebook... or not!)

Many thanks to my visitors in my studio, who enjoyed the arts in New Rochelle, for the first day of ArtsFest2010. ...To Jerry, and Deborah (who loves art) and her family, to 'yoga friends', Gabrielle and Caroline, to Josh, Rachel and their dad, to Chris - who came in quietly and commented in my book, "lovely work, lovely space", to Shari - my new blog follower!... to Corey and Janna - who looked for 'color', and found it in a landscape they had to take home with them! (I'm so glad "Three Trees - Green Cay" will be on view in your home!!) ...Thanks, also, to young folks, Lauren and Nick, who quietly passed by my studio, when I implored them to come in - and they did! ...To Barry and Sarah, who is new to New Rochelle - seek out the arts community; there really is a lot going on here! Thanks to the very young Paula and her dad, James - great to meet a fellow artist, and also get a super recommendation to eat at Cholo's restaurant in New Ro! ...To Melanie - a commission? I'd love to give it a try... honored you asked! To Stuart and daughters, and to Donald - please help spread the word that ARTISTS have much to share, in New Rochelle... and a special thanks to my last visitors, (artist) Arles Buchman and her daughter, Diane. What a pleasure and honor - thank you for leaving me with the article on your art and life - and for 'seeing' in me, someone who would treasure our time spent, as precious.

(It truly was a precious journey today!)

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