Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Closing the Door on the New Rochelle Studio

A new beginning.... for someone else in the studio at 81 Centre in New Rochelle.  We four studio-mates have had a good run filled with good intentions and some great marks on canvas.  It has been fun; and so it goes.... it starts with an acknowledgement (only to ones self) that the space just isn't being used much.  A quiet realization that maybe it's time to return the keys (and put the extra money towards that monthly Healthcare bill).  And then one person makes the first move, and the rest scramble to get the page turned on this chapter, to bring the same vision in to view... to turn over the studio with marked up walls and dusty floor, and a few pieces of furniture to pass along to another artist, who might build upon what was started in this creative space with the 'great light' from three large windows (even on days when clouds prevail). 
 I wish her well.

It was hard work, another transition too close to my last.  I am grateful to the friend who helped me lift my work table out of one studio and into another, (my new home near the Hudson is just a studio too).  Now to sort through the stuff... art, canvases, frames! ...I haven't changed, though my life seems to be in perpetual motion and uncertainty... there isn't much calm in all this chaos... except when I'm painting.  (Which I'll continue to do, and to share with anyone who 'stops in' here.  Thank you for that.  -Faith)

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