Tuesday, March 24, 2009


"Gladiolus" by Faith Goldstein (16"x20"), oil
(e-mail me at faithart1@aol.com to purchase)

Only my second painting; I'm finally ready to call it finished. (Minus the signature, which presents another problem to be resolved, in the future!) The "glads" started as a still life set up in my Saturday workshop. I chose to crop a small section of the 3 displayed, and enlarge them onto a 16x20 canvas. .......It was almost the one that got away. I stared at it for days, and was not content with the background. I have to thank Samantha (my 21 year-old daughter) for supplying me with "the ledge to jump off of", to re-work it. She is a motor-cycle-riding, big-truck-driving, brave soul; who occasionally lets you ride along on her journey through life!

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