Friday, August 7, 2009

New Rochelle's first ArtWalk & Open Studios

That's me in front of my little "Gallery" at the end of the day!

Two of my 3 GREAT studio-mates, Janet & Michele, and me, with Mayor Bramson!
(Thanks, Ross, for taking such a great photo!)

What an awesome experience! I spoke with so many wonderful people. Actually talked more than I ever have in my life on any given day... and it was so much fun! If you are new to my Blog, and I met you yesterday... thank you so much for stopping in to see my paintings, and to say hello! You all made my day; and for an artist who'd (thought she'd) rather be painting, that's not easy to do! (You all know what I mean!) I wish I had taken photos of everyone who came in to visit my studio space... but I hope you enjoy these for now. And I hope to see you again on October 17 & 18 for the next Open Studios event! (I heard it's going to be really big!)

Thanks for 'stopping in' on my Journey! -Faith

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