Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Pumpkins at Weed Orchards"

" Pumpkins at Weed Orchards" (14x18 oil) by Faith Goldstein
If I titled this "Little Pumpkin" at Weed Orchards, would you have known which pumpkin I was talking about? Many thanks to my new friend, Jennifer, for allowing me to reference my photograph of Joshua for this painting. I loved the image so much, that I couldn't wait to paint it. I'm learning so much about oil paints with each new work; this one was so much fun... yet challenging, and filled with lessons for me.
Last night was an informal Open Studio in New Rochelle. Since I am back to my 'day job', I needed to be painting... but I thought there was no reason not to keep the door open for visitors. I just want to say how much I enjoy meeting people; and perhaps forming some life-long friendships. There is no place I am more comfortable, than in the studio, sharing our journey through art! (Next Open Studio is October 17 & 18. Please come by and say Hello!)

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