Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Open Artist Studios & ArtsFest2012

     The fact is, I haven't been in New Rochelle very much in this last year.  But this is true only in the physical sense; as I found out yesterday when I returned to get ready for this event, you can 'go home' again.  How could I not continue to think about the place that has brought me such peace and kind friends that reach out with a warm embrace to greet me?  (Thank you, for missing me, and making me feel that it matters that I return... with my energy, art and happy :))  This last year, my experience has taught me that it is the people around us who make us better... standing alone, we are weak, always searching, never calm. 

Please come join me in my studio (at 81 Centre Ave. #302)... let's talk about art, make a new experience for our 'memory boxes' and share some happy!  (In this place, this part is easy!) 

BID Open Studios  is coinciding with New Rochelle's ArtsFest... 
 (please note - slightly different schedules)
Photo: Our Ad on PATCH!


  1. It was wonderful to meet you and see some of your work at the open gallery event. After looking at your blog, I was able to get a greater sense of you and your work and I would encourage you to keep adding to it. I'll come back and take a look!

  2. Hi Joe.... it was so nice to meet and talk with you, daughter, Brianna and son, Joe, during Open Studio. Thank you so much for coming by and for 'checking in' with me here. So glad you will come back... I promise to have something new for you to see as often as I can! I just finished a portrait for a show hanging at Iona College, and hope to have two small paintings in a Holiday show at Bear Mountain... see, I am moving forward! best, always -Faith