Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Art Show paintings

"Enter The Artist's Lounge" (24 x 30, acrylic painting) is an exploration of the figure and the space it occupies.  It is about the emotional and physical experience of entering a room and becoming a part of it, or existing on its outer edge.  Words, both spoken and unspoken are represented in the marks that form the figures.  Confidence, fear and apprehension are all present here.  Some brushwork is applied with strength and clarity, some forced to mix with the background... and some not 'present' at all.  As the viewer, do you desire to enter this room and join the conversation?  (...or do you occupy the space just outside the scene, and save the image to use another day?)               -Faith Goldstein


These paintings are part of a series entitled the 'Art Show'.  Time, and especially the last few years seem to have slipped away from me.  But today and always, I am appreciative of what remains in my Life.... this series was painted and was on view during this time period. 
...At times, my camera has been my steady companion; more calming than a glass of wine, providing access and 'a reason 'to Be' in 'a space,' an art show, a gathering of people.  For someone who often feels alone in a crowded room, it is truly a gift to record those seconds of activity and to be able to bring them forward so that they may be enjoyed for the length of the Journey ahead.   For this, I am truly grateful.  -Faith

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