Saturday, February 23, 2013

Are you Still Looking at Me??

I truly hope so!  I know I must be trying your patience!  ...Afterall, what is an art Blog supposed to look like without new work posted?  Well, this is my Real World being shared here; without too much attention given to my real-life difficulties.  (I'm not one to focus, too long, on negativity.)  I usually am able to see the positive messages in my experiences, even when that is a challenge to do!  I let time pass... I keep moving forward... and I don't ignore the 'good' things that are out in the world everyday for me to notice.  Before you know it, life really does move on to a different place.  Maybe it's a balance between what is actually happening and a revised perspective... a new way to view (some of) the same old stuff, because, surely, much of that 'stuff' comes forward, with us!  When life is a struggle, my advice is to keep your sense of humor in tact, appreciate what is positive, don't dwell too long on what is neagative, do your best at maintaining connections with people you care about, and be willing and able to 'get out of your box' and into a new one!  ....Try out new experiences and always 'keep' the things that make you 'who you are'.  I am "Calm, Honest, Spiritual and Resilient" .... and 'packing' these things in my luggage for the next Journey.

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