Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Rochelle OPEN STUDIOS & grand market - JUNE 29

Please come out and experience the excitement of this thriving Downtown Artist Community that I love so much!  Reverol & Co. Contemporary Art and Backstreet Galleries, Open Artist Studios, PAC House Theatre (hosting an open dance rehearsal),  R Patisserie Cafe.... grand market on the Library Green... You will LOVE The Curtain Shop on Main Street!  ....Great restaurants and so much more.   (Spend the day with the artists and catch a movie at New Roc City in the evening!  You won't be bored here!)

I will be in my shared-studio with my 'mates' at 81 Centre Avenue # 302 (third floor w/ elevator)....
Park in the Prospect Street Lot and walk up Centre Avenue towards Main Street.  Cross over near the SUBWAY; STUDIO ENTRANCE is just down on the Left... elevator is down the hall.  ...ART, WINE & COOKIES... and lots of 'HAPPY" here!!  Please Join ME on this Journey.  -Faith

Remember this guy?  Well, he's still looking at you.... re-gaining his wings; and taking me along for the flight! (Will YOU come, too???) ...and he has a new name. 

 "Free-Bird" by Faith Goldstein

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