Monday, August 19, 2013

My New View - The Hudson River

"My Hudson River View1" (first painting in new home) by Faith Goldstein
approx. 15 x 20, oil on watercolor paper
A new view and a new home in a new place, along portions of roadways I had never traveled; there is a great deal to get used to!  I am adding layers to the 'under-painting' of my life and building up to what I need to see in myself and show to others. This transition has not been easy... the success of it depends on the strength of that under-painting and is a culmination of years of experience and life-lessons. New lessons-learned and new relationships add to 'the marks' that become a part of me; not all meant to be visible in that top layer, but remain, always. 
...I am quickly sorting through the things that have moved with me, and have given fair respect to the things that were given away or tossed in a dumpster.  I choose to think that even those items might be rediscovered by someone else's hands, and maybe even their heart.  ...Today I am feeling grateful for the strength within me, to give myself permission to 'accept the things I could not change', and to allow the voices of those who care about me to resonate and echo, and become my point-of-focus.  And, yes, I have a beautiful new view to appreciate on this journey.  -Faith
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